Art makes a connection

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Here’s a wonderful quote from Seth Godin in his book The Icarus Deception:

“Art always involves a collision with a marketplace, an interaction with a recipient, a gift given and a gift received…the work involves connection and the generosity behind it. It’s entirely possible that one day your insight will be discovered and that it will touch someone or make a difference. But if you hide your contribution from us, you can’t be considered an artist, because it’s not art until a human connection is made.”

I love that. “It’s not art until a human connection is made.” Some of us might dismiss this message and say, “Well, I’m not really an artist; I don’t really have anything to offer.” The truth is we are all artists, because at one level or another we’re all trying to develop a creative response to life and to the circumstances that we find ourselves in. For some people, that creative response will manifest itself in a work of art. It’s important that we be courageous and put our art out there.

Or, perhaps we just need to say what’s on our mind. As we move through the day, maybe we look the cashier in the eye, or put the smart phone down in order to make that connection. To be a living work of art.

We might have great ideas or insights, but they weren’t given to us to stay stuck in our heads. The invitation, and the call, really, is to be brave and to launch your idea. Because as Seth Godin would say, it’s not art until a human connection is made.

So, what do you say? Let’s notice together the blessings of life. When we pay attention like this, marvelous things happen. Let’s live Everyday Inspired!

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