About The Book

For every mom who finds herself with a full heart and a full list of things to do—but her enthusiasm is running on empty—this book is just what she needs!

Prepare Your Heart and Be a Great Mom will help mothers enjoy the spontaneous moments with their children and attend to their busy days.  Laced with timely wisdom and homey examples, this book combines scripture-based reflections with journaling to get mom to slow down and find beauty in life.  Plus, there’s a regular mini-retreat to reflect on the week past and envision the one ahead. 



  • Contemporary devotional journal with daily reflections and journal pages for gratitude, intention and to-do lists
  • Beautiful gift book with glossy hardcover and ribbon bookmark that lays flat for journaling; just the right size for purse, desk or nightstand
  • Brief, timely reflections offer a balance for down-to-earth practicality laced with wisdom. This book makes spirituality accessible to today’s woman


Busy moms will discover:

·         Inner strength for the challenges of parenting;

·         Attention to the miracles hidden in every day;

·         Consolation in knowing she’s not alone in her stresses and struggles;

·         Deeper faith in the abiding presence of God.

Moms have one of the most important jobs in the world.  By taking time to recharge her heart, soul and mind she’ll discover the energy she needs to do it well and become a great mom.  And don’t all moms want their children to think they are great?